Before making travel plans, keep in mind that the conference will run from Monday, September 9th at 9:30am (begin of the first minicourse) until Saturday, September 14th at 1:00pm (end of the last minicourse).

The trip to Ventotene requires stamina and dedication, as it consists of several steps:

- You need to reach either Rome or Neaples (no information about how to do this).

- From Rome or Neaples you go to Formia, preferably by train.

- From Formia you get to Ventotene by ferry or hydrofoil.


Each step is explained in this page, with additional information on what to do once you disembark in Ventotene.


Arriving to Formia by train 

For the train schedule to reach Formia or to purchase train tickets, please check the website The web site is also in English (but it is not very user-friendly). 


From Rome

  • From the airport Fiumicino: Look for train connections with  "Fiumicino Aeroporto" as departure station and "Formia-Gaeta" as arrival.  The trip from the airport to Formia should take a couple of hours.
  • From the city center: Look for train connections with  "Roma Termini" (the central railway station in Rome) as departure station and "Formia-Gaeta" as arrival.  The trip from Roma Termini to Formia should take a couple of hours.


From Neaples

  • From the airport Capodichino, you need to take the bus ANM/ALIBUS ( to the Central Railway Station in Piazza Garibaldi.  The bus runs every 20 minutes.
  • From the city center: From the Central Railways Station in Neaples there are direct trains to Formia.  You can look for train schedules or purchase tickets online on the website, by searching for "Napoli Centrale" as departure station and "Formia-Gaeta" as arrival.


Arriving to Formia by car

Formia can also be reached by car.  The distance both from Rome and from Neaples is approximately 140 Km. You will need to take the autoroute A1 and the exit for Cassino (approximatively 100 Km): the 40Km from the exit for Cassino to Formia are on an "interesting" road, where you will fully experience the challenges of driving the old Italian way.


If you choose nevertheless this mean of transportation, once you arrive in Formia you will follow the (easy) direction for the "Porto" (harbor).  Once at the "Porto", you can either leave the car in one of the paying parkings (approximately 8 Euros per day) or take the car with you to the island (assuming that you have previously reserved the ferry for the car).  If you decide to take the car to Ventotene, keep in mind that:

  • the car in Ventotene is basically useless, as the whole island is about 2.7 Km long;
  • once on the island, driving will be very restricted and parking will be expensive;
  • driving to the hotel from the harbor in Ventotene is challenging as roads are not meant to be driven on.  Furthermore there are no indications of any kind: even though I know the island, while trying to reach the hotel I found myself in front of a staircase on a road where there was hardly space to turn around...;
  • driving back to take the ferry on your departure day will be not only challenging but also very stressful (even for Italians) and will take much longer than simply walking (you will have to negotiate very narrow streets with people walking to the ferry as well as cars going in the opposite direction driven by people with whom you do not share a language).



Ventotene can be reached only by ferry or by hydrofoil from Formia and the company that runs them is the Laziomar,

The trip Formia-Ventotene by "nave" takes approximately two hours, while by "unità veloce"l it takes about one hour.  Keep in mind however that the "unità veloce" are more sensitive to the sea conditions, so that they might take longer, depending on the weather.  Only the "nave" takes cars.

The "nave" ticket for an adult costs around 15.00€ and the "unità veloce" ticket around 19.50€. In all cases there is a supplement for the Formia-Ventotene direction of 1.50€ and if you buy online there is a small surcharge for the "pre-sale".  I am not sure about this, but you might not be able to buy the ticket online within 24h of your departure.


There are basically two ways to buy your ticket: online or at the box office.  Neither of them is ideal.



On the website one can reserve and pay the ticket.  It sounds easy, but the Laziomar web site is only in Italian...  To get you started, click on PRENOTA.  With the help of an online translator, if needed, you should be able to buy your ticket.  You will then be issued a receipt with a reservation number that you will have to show at the Laziomar office to pick up the ticket.  If you need help, please contact Laura from the travel agency Daltours that takes care of the practical details of the organization. 


Laziomar office at the harbor

The likelihood that somebody will speak English is close to zero, so leave plenty of time to negotiate the line "Italian style" and purchase the ticket.  Ideally you should write clearly on a piece of paper what you want and present it to the window: something like  "1 biglietto per la (*) per Ventotene delle (**).  Mi chiamo (***)", where

  • (*)="la nave" (i.e. ferry) or "l'unità veloce".
  • (**)=time of departure
  • (***) your name

If you want to pay with a credit card YOU MUST ALSO PRESENT A PIECE OF IDENTIFICATION.


Here is a picture of the Formia harbor and the Laziomar office (right behind the blue and white truck in the picture).  The white thing on the right is the ferry to Ventotene, and hidden behind it is the hydrofoil.  AGAIN: PLEASE LEAVE PLENTY OF TIME TO BUY THE TICKET.   


Here is the schedule to (and back from) Ventotene.  If you need to know the schedule for different days, you can look here


FORMIA-VENTOTENE Fr, Sept. 6th Sat, Sept. 7th Sun, Sept. 8th Mon, Sept. 9th  
Unità veloce          
Nave Don Francesco          
Unità veloce          
Unità veloce          




Saturday, Sept. 14th

Sunday, Sept. 15th

Unità veloce      
Nave Don Francesco      
Unità veloce      
Nave Don Francesco      


Once in Ventotene

If you are by car, you will have to negotiate your way to your hotel through the narrow streets.  You will be able to drop off your baggage at the hotel, then most likely you will have to leave the car either in the hotel parking (if any) or in a public parking until your departure.  At that point, if not already before, you will regret having taken the car with you.


If you instead left your car behind, once disembarked on the island you will find a small (probably funny looking) vehicle from your hotel that will pick up your luggage and take it for you to your hotel. 


All hotels are walking distance, but two of them are a bit further away.  The participants staying in these hotels will be taken there by shuttle. 

Here are anyways screenshots of the paths from the ferry arrival to the various hotels:

and here is a map of the island

Contact information for travel

If you need any kind of assistance (for example to purchase the ticket) or if you have questions about your travel plans you can either contact the organizers or Laura from the travel agency Daltours that takes care of the practical details of the organization.