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Covid-19 related information for the prospective participants


  • You must have been vaccinated in order to be able to attend the workshop.
  • Depending on the situation in August, we might require proof of a negative test taken within n hours before arrival (with n to be determined).  On the island there is an emergency medical service, but in case of serious illness one has to be brought to Formia.
  • We will either buy Covid insurance to cover all participants or require that you get Covid coverage together with your travel insurance.
  • The workshop will fully respect local regulations, no matter how annoying those might be.  It looks like Italy is doing very well both from the point of view of number of people vaccinated and of number of new infections.  In other words, at the moment it seems that  we are heading towards an almost full relaxation of restrictions, but it is not possible to predict the regulations that will be in place at the time of the workshop,  and we will follow the rules.
  • Depending on the restrictions, we might have to accept participants on a first-come-first-serve basis, although we hope this will not be necessary.
  • In due time, please buy a ticket with a good cancellation policy.  Ou our part we will try to get a cancellation policy from the hotels that is as flexible as possible.