Quasi-isometries and groups: rigidity and classification

Ventotene (LT), Italy, 9-14 September, 2019

The conference will take place in Ventotene, Italy from the 9th until the 14th of September 2019.


In addition to research talks there will be an instructional component in the form of three minicourses. Doctoral students and young researchers are particularly encouraged to apply.


In accordance with the Statement of Inclusiveness , this event will be open to everybody, regardless of race, sex, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, age, pregnancy, immigration status, or any other aspect of identity. The island of Ventotene is where the seed of a border-free Europe was planted, and hence is a location of symbolic importance regarding inclusiveness. 

Scientific Committee

Martin Bridgeman (Boston College)

Anna Erschler (ENS Paris)

Stefano Francaviglia (Università di Bologna)

Roberto Frigerio (Università di Pisa)

Alessandra Iozzi (ETHZ)

Fanny Kassel (IHES and CNRS)

Michah Sageev (Technion)


Alessandra Iozzi (ETHZ)

Michah Sageev (Technion)



We gratefully acknowledge the support of:

  • the European Research Council (Anna Erschler and Fanny Kassel)


The workshop is organised with the patronage of the Comune di Ventotene.